I understand that for many of you the cost of legal services can be prohibitive. What complicates the matter is that in many cases it is quite difficult to provide clients with a precise estimate of legal fees and costs before undertaking a case. This is especially true if the matter involves litigation where the opposition has many options in prosecuting or defending a lawsuit. 

In response to this dilemma, I offer the following three approaches to legal fees, depending on the nature of the case:


I provide most estate planning and business formation services on a fixed-fee basis, depending on the client's needs. In addition, I am willing to negotiate a fixed fee for other discrete work where I can readily estimate my time commitment. This arrangement requires a 50% deposit, with the balance paid at the completion of my work.


I bill for most other legal services on an hourly basis, plus any costs incurred. This arrangement typically requires an initial deposit (retainer) that is placed in a trust account and is drawn down as work progresses. Clients receive monthly invoices that itemize all work performed during the period and credits any deposits or payments made against the balance due.


In certain limited cases, I will consider representing a client on a contingency basis. In a contingency arrangement, the client does not pay for the attorney's services until and unless the case is resolved in the client's favor and the attorney obtains a settlement or judgment on the client's behalf. This type of billing arrangement is usually limited to personal injury/wrongful death cases and collection matters.

Whether we agree to a fixed fee or hourly arrangement, payment via Visa or MasterCard, is always welcome.